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Getting started

This project still in development, changes may occur

Start hosting servers with moonlight in a few simple steps.


Step 1: Install moonlight panel

Login into the server you want to install the panel on and run the following command

bash <(curl https://get-moonlight.app)

and select the "Moonlight Panel" and then "Install". It will guide you through the installation.

Step 2: Login into the panel

Open the panel with the URL shown by the installer, execute the following command, and login with the credentials shown:

mlcli moonlight login

Step 3: Add a node

Go to Servers => Nodes and add a new node. After adding a node, go to the setup page and follow the instructions.

NOTE: If you are installing the panel and the node on the same server and you are using https with the panel, add the --skip-lets-encrypt option to the generated command shown by moonlight

After the installation is finished, you should see information about the node in the information page of the node. If it shows data, the node has been successfully installed.

Step 4: Add allocations

Go to the allocations tab of the node you added in the previous step and use the quick adder to add some allocations. Please keep in mind moonlight will not adjust the filewall rules for the node when adding allocations.

Step 5: Import a pterodactyl egg

Go and find your favorite pterodactyl egg. If you dont know any, you can use this egg

Then go to Servers => Images and press "Import Egg". After importing, you should see the image in your list. For more information about images (and eggs) have a look here

Step 6: Create your first server

Go to Servers and create a new server. Select your user and the imported image and submit it. Then go to the user server list and the server should appear in your list. Click on it to manage it.