Quick Docs


Introduction to moonlight images

What are images?

Images define a server type to use for a server. An image consists of the following components:

If you want to learn more about the configuration of images and/or want to create your own images, have a look at the details

Where to find images and where to import them

Find images:

Disclaimer: We do not support third party images. If you have issues with a third-party developer, contact them.


Import images

You can import images in the image admin menu

Sidebar => Servers (Admin) => Images

Click on the "Import" button. A file dialog will open where you need to select the image JSON file. After selecting one, the image will be imported.

Pterodactyl Eggs

Moonlight offers a import tool for pterodactyl eggs, which allows you to automatically convert images from the pterodactyl egg format to the moonlight image format. The import works on most eggs, some might need some adjustments. To import a pterodactyl egg click on "Import Egg" in the same menu as described above and select the egg json file you want to import.